Aids-Hilfe Fulda: HIV is no longer under therapy transferable

Always on world Aids day, the Aids building aid Fulda, in front of your office in the Friedrichstrasse in close proximity to the Christmas market set up a booth and be informed about the disease. This year, the Message is particularly pleasing. Because Aids is not a death sentence anymore and therapy is also not transferable.

Because of the December weather on Saturday morning, quite tatty, we sit down with Susanne’s mouth, and Kevin Winter, to the cozy office of Aids in the first floor, where a rich table is waiting for visitors. "There is a therapy in which the Virus down so far is no longer driven, so that it ist&quot virtually not existent;, the Two, &quot explain;and the Sufferers can live normal as any healthy person." Positive side effect: You no longer can infect Aids patients.

That’s not knows as well as anyone in the population – including many physicians – lies in the fact that the disease is still a taboo subject. "HIV is a complex issue and is stigmatized, especially in rural areas." To get those discrimination by breaking the issue in to the Public, is one of the primary objectives of the Aids-Hilfe, which is also in new ways.

"We were at the world Aids day, always in the Tegut markets represented, but this year we have gelassen", Susanne’s mouth, &quot says;the collect with the money Bush is simply no longer of this time." And Kevin Winter, adds: "Instead, we moved last week with balloons by the pubs in the city centre. The received well and went late into the night." (mw)

*The post “good news: HIV is no longer under therapy transferable” comes from Osthessen News. Contact with the executives here.