I’m Living On Air: Eva Longoria Jokingly Talks Her Post Pregnancy Diet

New mommy Eva Longoria is not among those who pretend that weight loss is an easy job, especially when you are trying to lose the baby weight. She even cracked a joke about the strict diet that she has been following these days by saying, “I’m just eating air”. Although the last part was a joke, yet when we said ‘strict diet’, we meant every bit of it.

Eva’s fitness regimen, that started around six months back, is all about healthy eating and rigorous workout sessions, and the most amazing part is – she has been brave enough not to indulge even once since then. At the moment, the former star of Desperate Housewives is preparing for the Cannes Film Festival and has planned to break the wine fast in France. For now, she has been staying away from drinking wine, eating carbs, and sugar. Brave girl, huh? She has been saving it all for the festival.

Unlike many other celebrity moms, the actress who gave birth in June 2018 didn’t jump into weight loss right after having her son. In fact, she waited for a while until her body could adjust itself to post-pregnancy. Once she felt like getting started, she began with weight training. A serious weight training actually! It seems like the stunning mother is finally reaping the benefits of months of hard work and dedication as she looks even more toned than she did before getting pregnant.

If you ask her what’s the secret to a much impressive body, she will start with another fun answer – “it’s my commitment to stay hungry”. That said, it’s her commitment to sticking to a goal that makes it work for her. According to her, she wants to stay fit for her child as raising a kid is a demanding job and you need to stay healthy for them.

Though Eva is completely dedicated towards her health, she ensures that nothing steals the special hour of the day that she likes to spend with her little one. That describes every mother on the planet, isn’t it?

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